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When I started looking for an open-source alternative, FreeScout immediately turned out to be a very solid system that was also incredibly easy to install. There are a few benefits to self-hosting FreeScout that might not be immediately obvious. Of course, there are economic advantages… There are also legal advantages: all the data is on your premises. No need to tell users that you’re using a third-party service for support interactions. I think the biggest benefit for us as a company is the liberty to create more users and inboxes when we need them and not be bound by very restrictive account limitations or prohibitive costs. I’ll call this one a win. I hope it inspires companies to do the same.

March 8, 2024

Joost de Valk


I compared about 10 different ticketing solutions, most of them cost at least 15USD per month PER AGENT!!! FreeScout is by far the best solution I found! I was very happy with the setup process in FreeScout itself, and also with the UI, the great functionality, even string translation is possible from within the program! Thanks for your great work!

February 7, 2023

ARaction GmbH


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