LDAP Integration Module

The LDAP integration enables you to unlock FreeScout’s potential for large businesses and provide high-powered support. Module allows your LDAP users to authenticate into FreeScout. You can also import & synchronize LDAP users.


  • LDAP authentication.
  • Supported LDAP servers: Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP, FreeIPA.
  • Automatic fallback to local database authentication if LDAP authentication fails.
  • Import and automatic synchronization of LDAP users.
  • LDAP attributes mapping.
  • Assigning imported users to mailboxes.
  • SSO authentication.
  • Detailed import logs.


  • PHP LDAP extension.
  • LDAP integration is possible only if users in your LDAP database have email attribute.

SSO Authentication

Domain users can authenticate into FreeScout automatically when they open application by the pre-populated $_SERVER[‘AUTH_USER’] (or any other) that is filled when SSO is enabled on your server. When SSO authentication is configured when you visit your site, a user account will be created (if one does not exist already) with a random password and then automatically logged in.


If you are experience any issues, check logs in Manage » Logs » App Logs

If you are receiving “ldap_connect(): Could not create session handle: Bad parameter to an ldap routine” error make sure that you’ve specified a proper LDAP Host: it has to be host name or IP address without protocol or port (examples: ldap.forumsys.com,

In order to make sure that your PHP’s LDAP extension is working properly, you can try to connect to the test OpenLDAP server:

  • LDAP Host: ldap.forumsys.com
  • Encryption: none
  • Base DN: dc=example,dc=com
  • Bind Username: read-only-admin
  • Bind Password: password

To log in under one of the imported test users enable “LDAP Authentication” option and use password as the password to log in.


Lifetime license for one domain
  • Version: 1.0.8
  • Required App Version: 1.5.13
  • Required PHP Extensions: ldap
  • Open Source: AGPL-3.0