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Wallboards Module and Official Telegram Channel

November 22, 2023

We are happy to announce that long awaited Wallboards Module has been release. Also official FreeScout Telegram Channel has been launched! Join it to stay up to date and not to miss important news & updates:

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Extra Security Module, MS Teams Integration and Mattermost

August 13, 2023

1) Extra Security Module has been released. 2) There is a high demand on Microsoft Teams Module (functioning similar to Slack Integration Module) but we don’t plan to implement it ourselves as we don’t have our own MS Teams account which we can use for development and for the future maintenance of the module. If anybody is…

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Updates in Modules and Installation Fix

January 14, 2023

WhatsApp Integration module now allows to use Twilio to integrate with WhatsApp. Also Chat API service is being closed on February 1, 2023. So the module now uses service instead of Chat API (instructions for migration are provided here). Saved Replies module now allows to add attachments to saved replies (use paperclip icon in…

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SMS Integration, Attachments Viewer and Response Time Metrics

December 27, 2022

We are happy to announce that now you can communicate with customers via SMS (SMS Tickets Module) and enable SMS notifications via Twilio (SMS Notifications Module). Also long awaited Attachments Viewer for images, videos, audio, PDF and TXT attachments is available now in Extended Attachments Module. Reports Module now provides response time metrics in Productivity Report.

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Faster Search, Social Networks and More

December 10, 2022

Faster Search Module integrating FreeScout with Meilisearch is available now. If you may have missed – FreeScout already has a Snooze Module allowing to postpone tickets. Make sure to join FreeScout social networks not to miss important news, updates and module releases: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, RSS.

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FreeScout Release 1.8.22 Notes

September 3, 2022

Starting from FreeScout 1.8.22 conversation numbers are equal to conversation ID by default. If you want to return to the previous approach go to Manage > Settings and set Conversation Number option to “Custom”. Now when a support agent replies to an email notification the mailbox’s Default Assignee option is taken into account.

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