[ News ]

WhatsApp Integration module now allows to use Twilio to integrate with WhatsApp. Also Chat API service is being closed on February 1, 2023. So the module now uses 1msg.io service instead of Chat API (instructions for migration are provided here).

Saved Replies module now allows to add attachments to saved replies (use paperclip icon in the toolbar when editing a saved reply).

Long awaited Attachment Reminder feature has been added to Extended Attachments module.

FreeScout v1.8.50 has been released – it fixes an issues which appeared in v1.8.41 and could cause installation or update issues. It’s highly recommended to update your FreeScout to the latest version.

Also now you can easily convert phone conversations into regular email conversations by adding an email address to the customer and replying to the conversation – conversation will be automatically converted into email conversation.