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Modules allow to extend FreeScout functionality. All modules are open source (AGPL-3.0 license).  Official modules source code is downloaded to your server upon installation. Official modules are developed and maintained by FreeScout Team. Community modules can be developed by anyone.


What payment methods are supported?

Bank Cards, Robokassa.

Do I need to pay for official modules only once or every month?

All payments are one-time only.

Do you offer bulk discounts? Do you offer discounts for nonprofits?

No, as modules are already super cheap.

# Do you offer trial licenses to try out modules before purchase?

Unfortunately not. We were doing this before, but people were cheating and never buying the full license after downloading modules.

Do modules work if FreeScout is installed on a subdomain or subdirectory?


Can you send me a tax invoice?

We don’t send invoices by request. You receive an invoice to the email address you provide during the payment. Also you can get the invoice from the Receipt page (the link to the Receipt is also sent by email).

Payment is not working, what to do?

Try alternative payment method – there is a link above the “Purchase” button on the Checkout page.

If FastSpring rejects your bank card, try using PayPal instead (usually FastSpring can not do anything when the bank card is being rejected).

Sometimes FastSpring also experiences technical issues. In such cases just try to make the purchase again after some time.

If your payment still does not go through try to email FastSpring at

I paid but did not receive license keys

Sometimes payment gateways experiences technical issues and it may take several hours to finish processing the payment and send you license keys. Also you may receive license keys for one payment and not receive for another. In such cases just wait… After few hours keys will be sent to you.

Are the pricing inclusive of tax?

You can read about taxes here.

Can I get a refund?

No. We don’t provide refunds. See Refund Policy here.

Where can I find license keys after purchasing?

Find an email with “[FreeScout] Purchase Receipt” subject in your mailbox (make sure to check a spam folder) or request your license keys using this form (do not translate the received email using automatic translation tool as it may distort your license keys).

How will I get the code of the module? How can I download the files locally?

Module source code will be downloaded into /Modules/ folder in your FreeScout. If you don’t see modules in “Manage » Modules” it means your server is not configured properly and FreeScout can’t access Check logs in “Manage » Logs » App Logs” and try to fix the issue or find someone who can help you to properly set up the FreeScout.

My FreeScout is located in a local network and does not have access to the Internet. How can I download modules?

The only way to download modules in this case is to set a up an extra FreeScout instance, download modules there and copy them from /Modules folder to your FreeScout instance in the local network.

In order to activate modules you can temporary set up a proxy allowing Internet access, set APP_PROXY= parameter in .env file and clear cache.

Will it be possible to use one license on different subdomains?

Although modules are open source and can be used and modified in any way, we are humbly asking to use each license key on one FreeScout instance as appreciation of our hard work. So click Deactivate License button on Modules page in your FreeScout to transfer a module between FreeScout instances.

 Can I use the same license on my development and production FreeScout instance?

Unfortunately there is no workaround for this.

Can I resell FreeScout modules?

Unfortunately we don’t allow reselling FreeScout modules.

Will all the modules be backward compatible with new FreeScout releases.


Is it possible to transfer/disable the module licenses from the old domain and reactivate them on the new domain?

Yes. The license can be deactivated on ANY FREESCOUT INSTANCE – old or new or even on (just register there). First install the LATEST VERSION of the FreeScout (otherwise this method may not work). Use Deactivate License button. You don’t need to know your previous domain, only license key.

Can I change module’s code according to my needs?

You can change official modules code according to your needs. If you add some awesome features to modules or fix some bugs feel free to send us updated module at We will revise your additions and maybe update the module in the Modules Directory.

If a module does not work on my FreeScout installation will you help me?

No. FreeScout Team only fixes confirmed bugs in modules, but does not provide a personal assistance. You may need to find a developer who can take a look into your issue.

Will I receive a support after purchasing a module?

Technical support is limited to fixing bugs.

How can I translate modules?

Before translating make sure that you have the latest version of the FreeScout installed.

  1. Log in as admin and update application to the latest version in “Manage » System”.
  2. Go to “Manage » Modules” and update all modules to the latest versions.
  3. Go to “Manage » Translate”.
  4. Click Import translations.
  5. Choose a group in the dropdown to display translations.
  6. Translate texts.
  7. Click Publish translations to apply translations in your app.
  8. Click Send Translations to send translations to FreeScout team. If sending does not work, download translations using Download as ZIP button and send to

# How do official paid modules comply with AGPL-license?

Modules are open source and licensed under AGPL-3.0 license. “Open source” does not mean it has to be free. We are calling our approach to distributing modules a “trust-based business model”. It complies with all AGPL requirements. Official modules are acquired by purchasing a license key. License key allows to download full source code of a module and use it, modify or share any way you want. As we put our hearts and souls into the development of modules over years, on each module’s page we have a humble request to use each license key on one FreeScout instance only. You may show appreciation of our work and respect this request or disregard it. You are free to modify the code and use modules on more than one FreeScout instance if you want to. We never disable from our side purchased license keys, even if someone decides to use some module on more than one FreeScout instance.