What People Say About FreeScout

FreeScout is an open source app written in PHP. It took less than an hour for us to download FreeScout and have it running on our own servers. We’ve been very happy with our move to FreeScout. The product is extremely solid. The developer is very responsive and handles many issues in public on Github. If you are a web design agency and take customer support tickets, I’d seriously consider FreeScout. Yes, it does require a little setup and maintenance. But overall, FreeScout an affordable and reliable alternative to some of the high-priced, closed-source platforms.

May 17, 2020

Steve Burge


Great tool, great code, great style. We were looking for a free and self-hosted email management tool for a long time and found FreeScout only now. It is a pleasure to work with the unobtrusive yet powerful user interface. This seems to be unique in a market of bloated, old-fashioned or overdone, social media focused and overpriced services, hosted on someone else’s systems. Prices for the modules are ridiculous compared to the great added value.

January 28, 2021


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