Facebook Integration Module

This module converts private messages sent to your Facebook Page into FreeScout conversations and allows support agents to reply from FreeScout.

In order to use the module you will need to create a Facebook app and perform Facebook Business Verification by uploading an official document showing your business or organization’s name and physical address.

Each mailbox can be connected to it’s Facebook Page.

Facebook conversations are marked with the corresponding badge.

Before Purchasing

Before purchasing the module it is highly recommended to create Facebook Business Manager Account and verify your business on Facebook (to be sure that you have Verified Facebook Business Account before purchasing the module):

1) Create Facebook Business Manager Account at https://business.facebook.com/overview

2) Perform Facebook Business Verification (verification process may take several days): https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1710077379203657?id=180505742745347

3) Purchase this module and follow instructions below.


  • PHP >=7.1
  • FreeScout should use HTTPS protocol
  • FreeScout should NOT be protected with Basic HTTP Authentication.


Facebook integration errors are logged in:

  • “Manage » Logs » Facebook Errors” in FreeScout
  • “Manage » Logs » Apps Logs” in FreeScout
  • Webhook’s “Show Recent Errors” on Facebook


In order to integrate your FreeScout with Facebook page you will need to create a Facebook app at https://developers.facebook.com

1) Follow Requirements section of the “Setting Up Your Facebook App” (skip the last “Webhook URL” step). When creating the app, choose “Manage Business Integration” as the type.

2) On the app’s Dashboard page scroll down to “Add Products to Your App” click “Set Up” under Messenger.

3) Go to the app Settings and click “Add or Remove Pages” and select the pages you want to subscribe your app to. When you see the following dialog, just click “Done”.

4) In the “Access Tokens” section click “Generate Token” and copy generated Page Access Token.

5) Go to FreeScout and enter received Page Access Token and App Secret (from Facebook app’s Basic Settings page).

6) On Facebook in the “Webhooks” section click “Add Callback URL” and enter Callback URL and Verify Token (you can find them in the FreeScout).

7) In the “Webhooks” section click “Add Subscriptions” and select “messages”.

8) To test that your app set up was successful, go to Facebook Messenger and send a message to your Page – you should receive a new message in the FreeScout. If not – check “Manage » Logs » Facebook Errors” or “Manage » Logs » Apps Logs” in FreeScout or webhook’s “Show Recent Errors” on Facebook.

9) Complete app info in Settings > Basic.

10) In order your Facebook app to go live (so that not only app administrator’s messages reach your FreeScout), you need to verify your business and submit the app for approval. In Settings > Basic in Verification section click “Start Verification”. Individual Verification is not available on Facebook at the moment, you will need to perform Business verification by uploading an official document showing your business or organization’s name and physical address. Facebook will ask you to connect your app to Facebook Business Manager.

11) Click Submit for Review and agree to our Platform Onboarding Terms in the window that appears.


If your business is located in Europe or page admin is from Europe or Facebook user from Europe is messaging you, due to data protection regulations in Europe the name of the Facebook user in the FreeScout will be seen as “Facebook” instead of real Facebook user name.

Lifetime license for one domain
  • Version: 1.0.5
  • Required App Version: 1.6.17
  • Open Source: AGPL-3.0