Telegram Integration Module

This module converts messages sent to your Telegram Bot into FreeScout conversations and allows support agents to reply from FreeScout.

Each mailbox can be connected to its Telegram Bot (one mailbox to one Telegram bot).

Telegram conversations are marked with the corresponding badge.


  • PHP >=7.1
  • FreeScout should use HTTPS protocol
  • FreeScout should NOT be protected with Basic HTTP Authentication.


IMPORTANT: do not use bots connected to other modules, for example to “Telegram Notifications Module”.

1) Talk to @BotFather in Telegram, create a bot and get its API Access Token.

2) Enter received API Token into “Bot API Token” field on module’s settings page.


This module can not import Telegram users’ avatars.

Module does not match Telegram users and already existing FreeScout customers by phone number.

All messages received from some Telegram user always go to the same conversation in FreeScout and this can’t be changed.

If message is sent to the Telegram bot with an attached image and caption, then caption will not be visible in the FreeScout.


Telegram integration errors are logged in:

  • Manage » Logs » Telegram Errors
  • Manage » Logs » Apps Logs

If support agent replies do not reach customer in Telegram, make sure background jobs are running in your FreeScout.

Lifetime license for one FreeScout instance
  • Version: 1.0.20
  • Required App Version: 1.8.97
  • License Period: Lifetime
  • Open Source: AGPL-3.0