If you have difficulties installing or configuring the FreeScout, please take a look at the Troubleshooting section of the “Installation Guide” or ask for help on GitHub.

If you need to deactivate your license(s) and activate on another domain – see this.

Here are some helpful resources (90% of questions are already answered there):

Keep in mind that we are not providing:

  • Personal assistance.
  • Installation services.
  • Paid custom development.
  • Bulk discounts on modules or coupon codes.
  • Demo versions of module to test them before buying.
  • We don’t send invoices or W-9 forms.

If you are having payment issues, see this.

If you purchased modules but have not received license keys – see this.

If you forgot or have not received license keys from purchased modules – you can request license keys here.

If you need an assistance or custom development you can hire a developer.

Please email us only if you have issues with modules, to report a bug on this website or if you have some private inquiry. All other questions should be asked on GitHub.

If you have some questions on modules, you can test most of the Modules including mobile apps yourself on https://demo.freescout.net

Email: support@freescout.net