Workflows Module

Workflows module allows to build workflows to sort messages, assign them to the right person, send predefined emails and even create SLA-like workflows. Workflows are similar to Gmail filters or rules in other email clients.

There are two main types of workflows: Automatic and Manual.

Automatic workflows are running in the background and check conversations for matching conditions and carry out specified actions automatically. If automatic workflow does not contain any date-related conditions (Waiting Since, Date Created, Last User Reply, Last Customer Reply), it is executed when a new message is created or some condition’s value changes (for example, conversation status changes).

Manual workflow doesn’t do anything until you execute it for a conversation. For example when a customer emails in with a specific question, you can execute a workflow to send a reply, add a tag and assign it to someone on your team.

Workflows are composed of conditions and actions.

Available Conditions

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Email
  • User Action — replied or added a note
  • Conversation Type — email or phone
  • Conversation Status — active, pending, closed, spam
  • Assigned to User
  • To — email To field
  • Cc
  • Subject
  • Body — customer message or user note contains specific text
  • Attachement — contains or not
  • Customer Viewed
  • Tag(s) — contains specific tags (requires Tags module)
  • Waiting Since — for how many days or hours a customer message is waiting to be replied by a user
  • Last User Reply — date of the last user reply
  • Last Customer Reply — date of the last customer reply
  • Date Created — date when conversation was created
  • Custom Fields — check custom fields values (requires Custom Fields module)

Conditions are case-insensitive.

Some conditions allow to use regexes to check values. Tools for testing regexes: Regex Pal or Regex101. Sample regular expression: /^[a-zA-Z0-9]$/

Available Actions

  • Send Email Notification — to current assignee, to the last user to reply or to a specific user
  • Email the Customer
  • Forward — forward conversation with a custom message to a third party
  • Add a Note
  • Change Conversation Status — active, pending, closed, or spam
  • Assign to User
  • Move to Mailbox
  • Move to Deleted Folder
  • Delete Forever
  • Add Tag(s) — requires Tags module
  • Remove Tag(s) — requires Tags module
  • Set Custom Field — requires Custom Fields module

Workflows Examples

Track Refund Requests

When the subject line or customer message contains “refund”, you want FreeScout to automatically add a tag and send an email to the customer.

Keep Track of Aging Conversations

When a conversation is not replied by a user more than 1 day, add a “overdue” tag and send email notification to the current assignee and specific user. Also using Custom Folders module you by assigning a tag can add conversations to the Overdue folder for example.

Lifetime license for one domain
  • Version: 1.0.3
  • Required App Version: 1.4.3
  • Open Source: AGPL-3.0