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Reports Module and More

1) We are happy to announce that Reports Module has been released.

2) Also many new options have been added to Custom Folders module including the option to allow users to manage Custom Folders (In “Settings » General”):

3) We also would like to remind that you can help to spread the message about the FreeScout project by voting at, it will take just one minute to register and to vote using the blue “like button”.

FreeScout iOS Mobile App (help wanted)

FreeScout iOS mobile app is almost ready. If you have an Apple Developer Account and enrolled as an organization and would like to participate in the provisioning and deployment of the FreeScout iOS mobile app, please email at

New Features

FreeScout Team is crrently working on new cool features. Recently the following features have been implemented:

  • Forwarding conversations.
  • Phone conversations.
  • Sending new conversations to multiple recipients at once.
  • Showing users who are viewing a conversation.
  • Auto-suggest feature when entering a recipient email.
  • Fetching emails from multiple IMAP folders.
  • Search filters.

You can choose which features are to be implemented using a wish-list.

Also if you like the app, you can support the project by voting for the app:

Stay tuned,
The FreeScout Team

Introducing Self-Updating

Starting from verision 1.0.3 you can update FreeScout to the latest version from the web interface in Manage » System » Status. Read more in Updating Guide.