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We are offering everyone a possibility to get any 3 modules for FREE. Just record a video with your testimonial or some FreeScout-related tutorial or lifehack or tell how you are using FreeScout in your company or organization and how it helps you. In the video you can also mention who you are, where are you from, how long you are using FreeScout, etc.

Requirements for the video:

  • Minimum 3 minutes long;
  • Horizontal format.
  • Must be in English language.

Send the video at along with the list of the modules you want to receive. If your video will be approved it will be published on our YouTube channel and license keys for selected modules will be sent to you.

Goode luck 😉

FreeScout Release 1.8.22 Notes

Starting from FreeScout 1.8.22 conversation numbers are equal to conversation ID by default. If you want to return to the previous approach go to Manage > Settings and set Conversation Number option to “Custom”.

Now when a support agent replies to an email notification the mailbox’s Default Assignee option is taken into account.

SAML Authentication, PHP 8.1, Performance Improvements and More

1) SAML SSO module has been released.

2) You may have noticed that FreeScout API when requesting multiple conversations was quite slow. In FreeScout v1.8.5 we’ve improved performance of Module::isActive() method which increased API performance up to 10-30 times when requesting multiple conversations.

2) Saved Replies Module now if you have more than 20 saved replies in the mailbox shows a search field allowing to search saved replies:

3) Satisfaction Ratings Module now allows to choose the method of saving ratings:

4) FreeScout releases 1.8.0-1.8.4 are making FreeScout compatible with PHP 8.1 and include file structure changes. So updating from earlier FreeScout releases on some servers/systems via Manage > System will work, on some – not. Just follow general instruction and be prepared that you may need to use update methods 2-5.

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