[ News ]

1) SAML SSO module has been released.

2) You may have noticed that FreeScout API when requesting multiple conversations was quite slow. In FreeScout v1.8.5 we’ve improved performance of Module::isActive() method which increased API performance up to 10-30 times when requesting multiple conversations.

2) Saved Replies Module now if you have more than 20 saved replies in the mailbox shows a search field allowing to search saved replies:

3) Satisfaction Ratings Module now allows to choose the method of saving ratings:

4) FreeScout releases 1.8.0-1.8.4 are making FreeScout compatible with PHP 8.1 and include file structure changes. So updating from earlier FreeScout releases on some servers/systems via Manage > System will work, on some – not. Just follow general instruction and be prepared that you may need to use update methods 2-5.