What People Say About FreeScout

This app has made it incredibly easy for me to manage my departments because it allows all email communication to run through a single platform. The added modules are well worth the price if you decide you need their features and are relatively easy to deploy. The community around the app is also active enough on their GitHub page, so if you are struggling, it won’t feel like you are the only one using the app. For what it costs and can do, I will forever recommend Free Scout…

June 1, 2022

Sam B

If you need a help desk that you can self-host then FreeScout is one of the best you can use. It has almost all the features that you can expect from a Zendesk alternative. You just host it somewhere and then start using it. I really liked its interface and the features that it offers. The push notifications are nice and you can have unlimited mailboxes here and assign them to any user you want. So, if you are looking for a free Zendesk ot HelpScout alternative then you are at the right place.

March 10, 2021

Mohammad Suleman

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